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Science Electronics

Proudly Engineered and Made in America

35 years of proven experience provides the exact solution you need:

MANUFACTURERS & SCIENTISTS - Relax! We are your personal engineering department

Are you trying to solve science instrumentation problems, analog,  computer interfacing or other electronic issues?  Hoping that you will find a solution quickly and economically? Is instrumentation and electronics not quite your field or area of expertise?

Do you need a new instrument or system not available anywhere, but you don't want to pay high engineering costs and wait forever to get it?  No in-house engineering support? Facing seemingly impossible time or cost constraints?

If you have any of these issues then you need to contact us now!

We resolve instrumentation, interfacing and electronics problems.

This is what we do at Science Electronics. We ARE your in-house engineering support and have a great track record to prove it!

o  Specialized electronics for brain science, vision science and more

o  Light and sound panels for psyc research

o  Off-axis fixation systems for vision research 

o  Chip level interface designs

o  Custom drivers for electro-optics not available elsewhere

o  Chip level processor board designs

o  AC power management

o  Design for test

o  Circuit board design including multi-layer boards

o  Interfaces for serial , parallel and others

o  Low level signal and digital switching/multiplexing

o  Switch matrices - square, 2 and 3 stage

o  Linear position encoder interfacing

o  Rotating shaft encoder interfacing

o  Designed training classes for customer engineers/techs

o  Professional quality product manuals

o  Conduct training classes and on-site customer support

o  Systems protected with ruggedized military-grade field cases

o Test fixtures - discrete parts, circuit boards and assemblies

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