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  We specialize in doing every day what most companies claim is impossible: Design/manufacture instrumentation

  and electronic products which do not yet exist on the market, shipped in a timely manner at reasonable prices. Our

  products are used around the world and operate on any AC line (mains) voltage and frequency. We have been 

  building and shipping systems for businesses, colleges and universities around the world since 2001 with true

  100%  reliability.

   * 35 years of experience in engineering, programming and instrumentation solves your electronic problems.

   * Custom automated test fixtures of all types for circuit boards, discrete components and assemblies

   * Let us design, build and program any product or device you require. We never use any embedded operating

      systems which can crash. We can proudly state that all of our systems are still running V1.0 firmware each was

      shipped with, even systems which are 15 years old and still in use. This is possible only by employing rigorous

      hardware and software testing, which we developed many years ago during our military/aerospace days.

   * We design and manufacture hardware drivers, all types of computer interfaces, light/sound panels, photosensor

      systems much and more.

   * Multi-channel DC or AC coupled amplifiers with inverting or non-inverting capability, with unity gain or most any

      gain you require. True flat frequency response from DC to frequencies exceeding 130Mhz in one amplifier - at  

      the same time. DC coupled low pass filtering is also available.

   * Most custom-built products from other companies can take a year or more to ship. Our unique manufacturing

      method provides products which are high quality, professionally built and look like a stock product.

   *  Products are shipped in a matter of weeks, not months.

   * Professionally written detailed user manuals with photos for every product.

    * We can help you specify all the instrumentation you need, then make your requirements reality.

    * Be sure to click the PRODUCTS tab above to view examples of products.

     Everything potential investors or grant representatives see in your lab becomes a part of your overall image!

                 You will be proud to show others any custom or standard Science Electronics product you buy!

    All Science Electronics products have 1 year parts/labor warranty with free support.

Proudly Engineered and Made in America

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