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A leading vision scientist at a leading medical college writes:

"Their products have always gone above and beyond my (very high) expectations, both in the quality and reliability of the electronics he has designed and built. He has always made key intellectual contributions to the projects he has been involved in, guiding the instrumentation design and specification. Have a unique knowledge and understanding of the practical aspects of high quality analog electronics. My research group specializes in the development of adaptive optics scanning light opthalmoscopes, and with his help we have been able to disseminate our technology to leading research institutions around the world.  In each of these projects we put our reputation and future funding on the line, and I choose their instrumentation every time."

A brain scientist at a New York state university says:

"Knowledge base and skill set is quite broad, covering virtually every area of electronics and instrumentation. Designs ranged from low frequency, micro-volt level instrumentation signals up to very low level signals at radio frequencies, generated by scanning retinas with photo-multipliers. This has fit beautifully with research programs at the forefront of advancing scientific knowledge of complex systems that benefit from demanding state-of-the-art, instrumentation that can perform reliably."

These are direct quotes from scientists who are customers. Names are withheld to prevent conflict of interest. With their permission, it may be possible to release names for the above comments to new Science Electronics customers who place an order.


Wisconsin Medical College *

National Eye Institute (part of NIH) WA, DC

NY state university *

University of Houston, Texas *

University of Pennsylvania *

NY, NY clinical Opthamologist

University of SanDiego, California *

Boston Micromachines, Boston, Massachusetts *

Oxford University, London, UK *

University of Ireland *

Toronto University, Toronto Canada

(* multiple orders)

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