DUAL PMT POWER SUPPLY & COMPUTER INTERFACE Provides complete, precise computer control of two Hamamatsu photo-multiplier tubes using high level USB ASCII commands. Just 3.5" high for bench top or 19" rack mount. PMT signal noise is a magnitude lower with this system when compared to Hamamatsu PMT controller noise.


LIGHT AND SOUND PANEL does what no flat panel LCD monitor can do. Size is 24" high x 42" wide, with height  vertically adjustable for subjects. A 1cm. grid with more than 600 squares provides precise location of speakers and LEDs. Panel has 9 speakers and 9 white LEDs, plus one red fixation LED. All devices have magnetic bases and are easily placed anywhere on the panel. Magnetic wire clamps can be moved anywhere to secure wires. After speakers/LEDs are placed, entire panel is covered by a black semi-transparent fabric . In a darkened lab test subjects  cannot detect the location of any LED or speaker until activated. Computer control is via USB or RS232 using high level ASCII commands. All LEDs have intensity and on-time commands. Speakers have frequency, on-time and amplitude  commands. Red fixation LED is fully mobile with separate commands for intensity and on-time.

This system is just 1.5" high. It mounts in a typical 19" rack or can reside on your table. This instrument was designed and manufactured by Precision Lab Instruments. It is used by vision research scientists to image living human or animal retinas in-situ. A laser scans at 30 frames/second with HD resolution. This system operates on 120V or 240VAC, 50/60Hz. It is used in many laboratories around the USA and UK. History has proven this system has 100% reliability. No systems have ever been returned for repair.

INSTRUMENTED TRACKBALLA standard Logitech track ball mouse is modified to accurately detect skin resistance in ohms and skin temperature to within +/- .1 degree. It also measures index finger pressure (in grams) on the left mouse button before it is clicks. System also measures test subject pulse rate. Analog data from sensors is processed inside the interface into digital data packets, which are sent to the user's computer via a high speed USB interface.


DOING TRAVELING FIELD WORK?  We can build your system into super-rugged field cases, such as this case made by Pelican.

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HIGH QUALITY PARTS AND CONSTRUCTION This is standard in every Science Electronics product. Black sealant secures all connector housings during shipping and air travel. Rugged internal construction allows frequent air travel.


Only 1.75" high(1U) for 19" rack or bench top use, this is often used for vision research to amplify micro-volt level signals from photo-multipliers.  Each output in this amplifier is user selectable for 50 or 75 ohm output impedance. Video frame grabbers have 75 ohm inputs, while digitizers have 50 ohm inputs. If you change from a frame-grabber (75 ohm) to a digitizer (50 ohm) in the future we have you covered.  +/-. 3 mV DC offset stability. 1 to 8 channel amplifiers available. True DC to 120MHz. Also supports low-pass filtering.

SMALLEST TRANS-IMPEDANCE AMPLIFIER EVER MADE This completely self-contained amplifier has all required capacitors and resistors.

ANALOG DRIVER used for vision research to scan living human and animal retinas at 14.77Khz. Scanning creates a high resolution, 30 frames/second video of a living eye. This 1.75" high (1U) 19" rack mount or bench top system is used by leading edge vision research laboratories around the world. (Front and back panels shown here. Sample pages from User Manual shown near bottom of this webpage.)

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OFF-AXIS FIXATION SYSTEM Normally when the human retina is photographed, the test subject looks into the camera and focuses on a fixation lamp or LED. This is called on-axis fixation.

A flat-cable 16 LED panel with a 25mm hole in the center is placed over the camera lens. In the darkened laboratory, the researcher uses the back-lighted control panel in a dimmed room to select one of twelve 3mm LEDs for the subject to fixate on to photographing areas of the retina.

FULL DIGITAL RESONANT SCANNER  SYSTEM 1U high with precision scanning control of any optical system. Simple direct, manual control and control from any computer with +/- 1 Hz accuracy.


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